African Advocate and TV Commentator Julia Wilson Applauds President Barack Obama’s Speech in Ghana and Discusses Trade and Investment Opportunities with American Investors on CNBC-TV

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – TV Commentator and African Expert Julia Wilson enthusiastically endorsed President Barack Obama’s speech in Ghana and shared her knowledge of Ghana and the African market and its economic potential with American investors on CNBC-TV. While Wilson believes President Obama’s speech was “very significant” for African governments and sent clear and candid messages focusing on good governance and rule of law, resolving conflicts peacefully and trade relations, she also believes his speech was critical for the American investor community: “America can also do more to promote trade and investment.”

Wilson, CEO and Founder of Wilson Global Communications USA and a former resident of Ghana and South Africa for several years, discussed trade and investment opportunities nationally with CNBC-TV’s U.S. business and investor television audience on “Power Lunch” as President Obama arrived in Ghana. Her company has launched a Positive Image Campaign for Africa, focusing on African countries that practice democracy and promoting trade and investment opportunities for American investors.

“Ghana and several other countries have enjoyed economic growth averaging 5-6 percent over the past several years and there continues to be opportunities in the rapidly expanding telecommunications industry and others, including agriculture, banking and finance, healthcare, energy, tourism, security, trade and extractive industries. We are keen on helping to ensure that more American companies enter the African market alongside China and Europe – as partners with African governments and credible business people – to help Africans help themselves,” she said.