Client Media Products

an AREVA T&D corporate video launched at CIGRE worldwide conference in Paris, France (2006)

Public Service Announcement (TV)
Africare, a nonprofit organization providing aid and development assistance to Africa, operating in more than 36 countries. (2006)

PowerPoint/Video – TechnoServe
a nonprofit organization special event in New York City’s Rainbow Room with an A-list board including the Soros Foundation and CEOs of United Airlines and Liz Claiborne

Outlook Africa
a Coca-Cola Publication (Distributed worldwide to 200 countries)

The Road to Johannesburg
Coca-Cola sponsored Soccer Publication (Distributed to 54 countries in Africa in French & English)

Ghana 100 Magazine
a Ghanaian Government-sponsored Magazine Promoting Ghana-based Businesses (Distributed during President Bill Clinton’s visit to Accra, Ghana – 1998)

Good News Magazine
bridging racial and ethnic gaps following Rodney King civil unrest in California
(Published in Spanish & English)

Good News Television Segment
featured the first all-democratic elections in South Africa electing Nelson Mandela as the country’s first black president following the overturn of the apartheid system of government (Aired on UPN – satellite from Johannesburg via CNN)

Fashion Focus Television Segment
an offshoot of Fashion Across America launched on Hands Across America Day (Aired on BET & KCBS-TV)