Wilson Global Communications specializes in understanding its client’s business brands, services and products. With two decades of international business consulting experience, Wilson Global develops winning strategies, effective tactics, and succinct key messages to targeted audiences in promoting and positioning brand products and services. Wilson Global delivers efficiently, cost-effectively, and on time:

Public and Diplomatic Relations
Wilson Global serves as the diplomatic bridge between clients and foreign government officials, providing appropriate protocol briefings that link Americans with educational, business, media, civic, and political opportunities in Brazil, China, Africa and Europe. Customized etiquette and guidelines on social mores for specific countries, as well as language translations are provided to Wilson Global clients to maximize multicultural communications.

International Education, Business, Media and Civic Exchanges
Wilson Global consults with clients and identifies organizations in various countries for potential partnerships and collaborations on mutually beneficial initiatives. Through Wilson Global’s consultations, foreign guidelines are interpreted into strategic action plans with appropriate tactical implementation, and creative, thoughtful direction is provided.

Special Event and Foreign Delegation Management
Wilson Global is renowned for its precision in detailed organization and management of high-level meetings, international forums, conferences, including press events, and international cultural missions. Branding and promotion of Wilson Global clients’ products and services are included as an integral part of special event management.

Media Relations and Production
With an extensive international network of contacts in traditional mainstream and specialty media, and increasingly in Social Media, Wilson Global is highly skilled at presenting and placing client stories in the media, and securing client interviews with editorial boards. Wilson Global has a creative team that develops and produces culturally-sound television and radio programs that have aired in several countries in Europe, Africa, and the United States.

WGC Contacts & Strategic Alliances in the following Countries

  • 1Cote d’Ivoire
  • 2Ghana
  • 3Kenya
  • 4Liberia
  • 5Nigeria
  • 6Senegal
  • 7South Africa
  • 8Tanzania
  • 9Malawi
  • 10France
  • 11Brasil
  • 12China
  • 13United Kingdom