Julia Wilson on the Continent

If you’ve never been, it’s a place that could scare you. But did you know that more Mercedes motorcars are sold in a one African country than anywhere outside of Germany?

If you have been on the Continent, chances are that you’ve been romanced by its people, the many cultures, art, food, music and hospitality. You have probably been awestruck by its stunning natural wonders. What you may not fully know is that Africa is a land of inestimable opportunity.

It is the world’s last real frontier for growth and development, and its 780 million people represent a largely untapped resource now embracing the new technologies that can connect them to the rest of the world.

Come with Julia Wilson to a continent of 53 nations, 3,000 miles wide and 6,000 miles long, and explore a land of wonder and possibility – of wealth and opportunity, of challenge and reward. Meet the many people who will show that Africa is far more than the “dark continent” of old. Together we will share Africa’s people, its leaders, its hopes, its dreams – and allow millions of viewers to discover a place that they may fall in love with – on the Continent.