Women Rising In Asia

By: Julia A. Wilson, CEO, Wilson Global Communications LLC

In 1985, when the British pop duo, The Eurythmics, teamed with American soul icon Aretha Franklin in a spirited rendition of “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves,” little did any of them suspect they were singing a song that could resonate as a global inspirational anthem for women, particularly Asian women, in education, business, culture and politics more than 30 years later.

Wilson Global Communications LLC was founded in 1994 in South Africa and is a woman/minority-owned, certified small business that is based in Washington, D.C. Wilson Global is an international public relations and communications consulting firm specializing in strategic public relations services between the United States and various countries in Africa and Europe, in China, and in Brazil. The firm provides customized services for building and bridging relationships between American and foreign leaders and organizations in education, business, media, and civic affairs, and in programs that empower women and girls.

Throughout Asia, women are no longer universally acquiescing to the historical roles defined for them by men. Education, political participation, and business successes are playing pivotal roles in that slow, yet steady cultural shift.

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