Wilson Global Promotes “Touchstone” Books

Author Linda Eatmon-Jones’ legacy lives on through her “Touchstone” books. In an exclusive partnership with her husband Earle Jones, Wilson Global will manage the republishing and promotion of two of her titles – “Touchstone of Resilience” and “Thank You Daddy.”

Eatmon-Jones first published “Touchstone of Resilience” as a tribute to her husband in 2017. The book describes her husband’s grandfather’s refusal to become a victim to the Ku Klux Klan’s ferocity in the 1920s and the ensuing legacy created for generations of his family. “Touchstone of Resilience” contains personal essays, written by family, friends, and colleagues about how Earle Jones embodies the lessons learned from his grandparents which has engendered his own resiliency in becoming a Touchstone for people all over the world.

“Thank You Daddy” on the other hand, focuses on adoption and the selflessness of a man who stepped in to raise another man’s child as his own – a seldom discussed issue. In the book, Eatmon-Jones presents 12 powerful lessons and teachable moments she learned from “Daddy” and establishes a solid foundation for success in her life. Each lesson learned has the right mixture of anecdotes and relatable stories which is a combination for grabbing and keeping one’s attention.

Linda Eatmon-Jones was a native of North Carolina. After college graduation she moved to the Washington, DC area where she ultimately married and resided with her family. She worked for over 35 years in all aspects of non-profit management and for-profit leadership, and at the executive level in a Fortunate 500 company. Her first book, Touchstone, won the 23rd Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) EVVY Merit award in the Biography category in 2017. Writing of that book led her to recognize there were many Touchstones in her life. As a result, she authored a series of Touchstones for Impact books on a variety of characteristics in people that have become change agents in the lives of many. She is survived by her husband Earle, son Stephen Eatmon and several family members and friends around the world.

“Touchstone of Resilience” and “Thank You Daddy” will be sold on Amazon.com after they are re-published.

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