The annual Relevance Report from the USC Center for Public Relations identifies emerging issues and forecasts topics and trends impacting society, business, and communication in the coming year. The book features contributions from PR industry leaders, and USC academics and graduate students.

Our 2022 edition, published on December 8, 2021, is about people who will have an impact on our work and lives in 2022, as selected by the CPR board, academics and student contributors. The Report also includes highlights from our third annual Relevance Survey, which queried Americans about the people, information sources and issues that will be relevant to them in 2022.

So how exactly do we define what is relevant? USC Center for PR Director Fred Cook explains that relevance is something more ephemeral and more important than fame, popularity, or power. At its most basic, relevance is about being heard and it is something every PR campaign strives for.

“When a story is relevant, people listen. When content is relevant, people share. When an issue is relevant, people act. When a brand’s relevant, people buy.” – Fred Cook (@fredcook)

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