Dr. William R. Harvey to Donate ‘The Principles of Leadership’ Book Sales Proceeds from China to Hampton Student Scholarships


African American Educator’s Motivational Work Finds Highly Receptive Audience in China; Book Featured Jan. 12, 2018 at Prestigious Beijing Book Fair

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey is donating the proceeds from his motivational book Principles of Leadership: The Harvey Leadership Model, which was recently published in China, to fund student scholarships at Hampton. The news was disclosed today by Julia Wilson, CEO and founder of Wilson Global Communications, who brokered the book deal with the Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. in Beijing on behalf of Dr. Harvey.

“I’m beyond delighted with the reception my book is receiving in China,” Dr. Harvey said. “In my travels to China over the years, I have met Chinese officials, educators and students. I’ve been highly impressed by the insatiable intellectual curiosity of students there. Chinese students and their families simply cherish reading and learning – and revere their teachers and professors. Perhaps, that’s a tradition we could re-energize here in the states.”

Dr. Harvey recently celebrated his 40th anniversary as the president of Hampton University, and is one of the longest sitting presidents of any American university or college. Principles of Leadership Mandarin version will be sold in bookstores throughout China, including the Xinhua book stores, and can be bought through e-commerce online sites Dangdang, Jingdong and Amazon China and on the Alibaba website. In the U.S., the English version of the book can be purchased on Amazon.com.

“This was the fastest book deal I’ve ever negotiated,” said Julia Wilson, who has been working on education and civic affairs programs in the China market for eight years. “Over the course of just a few months, Dr. Harvey’s Chief of Staff Dr. Charrita D. Danley and I met with three major Chinese book publishers in Beijing, all of whom made strong offers to publish the book. We believe we aligned with one of the best.

The book has received enthusiastic endorsements from the Chinese educational community, and I look forward to meeting with hundreds of Chinese wholesale book distributors on Jan. 12, 2018 at the prestigious Beijing Book Fair, where there will be an official launch and live Webcast.”

“Dr. Harvey’s book resonates with people across cultural and generational lines,” Wilson said. “It is literally a how-to guide to pursuing and achieving personal and professional excellence. His work underscores the basic principles of success he has pioneered and used throughout his life as not only the president of a university, but as a highly successful businessman who is the owner of the Pepsi Cola Bottling Co., of Houghton, Mich.”

Principles of Leadership chronicles Dr. Harvey’s many challenges, as an African American growing up in America’s then-segregated South. One of the great appeals of his work to his Chinese audiences is that his book and life are a testament to how through hard work, perseverance and education, anyone can achieve his or her dreams. That is a powerful and inspiring message to China’s 1.4 billion people, which include 56 different ethnic groups (55 of whom are minority).

“It is the great honor of IPPH to publish the Chinese version Principles of Leadership,’ said Mr. Zhu Mingang, president of IPPH. “The successful experiences of President Harvey are fully revealed in this book, which is not only related to management science, but also more to the humanities. Since the knowledge and wisdom of leadership is not confined to any nation’s border or to any industry, we believe the life and experiences of Dr. Harvey will greatly inspire management leaders, as well as would-be leaders from all walks of life.”

Since taking the presidential helm at Hampton in 1978, Dr. Harvey has helped shape the university as a leader in educational standards, innovation and financial stability.

“If my life’s work and my book can be an inspiration to young minds in China, as well as here in the U.S., I will indeed feel truly blessed that I’ve been able to help to make a positive difference in the world,” Dr. Harvey said.

Dr. Harvey received his doctorate in college administration from Harvard University, has served on several multinational corporate boards of directors, and has been appointed to national advisory boards by six U.S. presidents, including presidents George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama. He is included in Who’s Who in American Education, International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, Who’s Who in Business and Finance, and Who’s Who in America.


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