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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 29, 2020

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Wilson Global Communications Essay Focuses on Systemic Racism in PR Industry, while COVID-19 Continues to Dominate American Lives

(LOS ANGELES) Julia Wilson, CEO and Founder of Wilson Global Communications, is featured in the 2021 University of Southern California Center for Public Relations Relevance Report with an insightful and no-holds barred essay on systemic racism in the PR industry. The report, a curated collection of short essays from public relations industry leaders, USC academics and students that predict trends that will affect the communication profession, is being launched today at a virtual event exploring how to communicate with American consumers during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 and a heightened political divide.

Wilson’s essay – “Tear Down that White Wall” – discusses institutionalized racism in the PR industry, and outlines concrete steps that need to be taken to begin a positive path towards real inclusion. Her essay notes the pervasive and systemic racism that has been highlighted by multicultural protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement, and some of the changes recently made in response by corporate brands, including retiring Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. Wilson notes that these steps are only the beginning of what needs to be done as the American consumer base increasingly becomes browner.

“For far too long, Black people have prodded Corporate America for more involvement in decision-making, for earned promotions to senior positions, for inclusivity in board representation, and to tell our own stories. But instead of concrete action aimed at the root of America’s racism problem, we’ve received a continuum of insincere lip service and token gestures. Racism will not magically disappear, as some have claimed the coronavirus will do. The majority white population actually has to do something – or else, like the community-spreading virus, everyone gets sicker,” Wilson said.

The “Relevance Report” includes a survey of Americans on current issues which revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic will remain the dominant topic for Americans in nearly every aspect of their lives in 2021. When asked about news they will consume, 44% of Americans say the COVID-19 vaccine will be the topic they are most interested in hearing and reading about within the next year. However, despite the challenges faced in 2020, Americans remain hopeful about the future, with 37% choosing “fingers crossed” as the emoji that best expresses their feelings about the new year — more than twice the number of respondents who said they were worried.

“In a normal year, many different topics are relevant to Americans,” said Fred Cook, director of the USC Center for PR. “But in 2021, they will be paying closest attention to COVID-19, and it will continue to impact their lives. Information on the virus is what they will listen to, share with others and act upon.”

The newly published report is available for download at annenberg.usc.edu/relevance.




Wilson Global Communications is one of the leading international public relations and communications consulting firms specializing in strategic cross-cultural relationship-building services between the United States and various countries in Africa and Europe, China, and Brazil. Founded in 1994 in South Africa by Julia A. Wilson, and headquartered in Washington, D.C., Wilson Global focuses its customized services on bridging relationships between American and foreign leaders and organizations in education, business, media, and civic affairs.

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